My First Ipsy Glam Bag

Makeup is something I recently decided to get into, but I’ve always been really hesitant to buy more expensive products/skeeved out by trying testers in stores. Since we also currently can’t go to the store to see products firsthand I decided this was a great time to give Ipsy a try!

Just a quick overview, Ipsy is a monthly subscription service, which provides you with a makeup bag of five deluxe cosmetics samples. These products can include makeup, skincare, perfumes, nail and hair products based on preferences that you provide. I chose their base Glam bag subscription which is $12 a month and gets you 5 smaller size products, they also have Glam Bag Plus ($25/mo for 5 full size products a month) and Glam Bag Ultimate ($50/mo for 12 products a month).

So, for the month of April I received each of the below items!

The Makeup Bag:
Cute, floral and a sort of rubbery material on the outside. This is perfect for fitting smaller items. I could fit everything in it that they sent, except the brush since it was too long.

The Lipstick: 
Before I say how I felt about this one I just want to say that I’m also not big on matte lipsticks. However, there were a couple things about this one that just didn’t work for me.

  1. It had a really strong chocolate scent. Normally I’m not bothered by scents but the second I opened it I was immediately surrounded by chocolate scent. If you like that, then this likely won’t bother you!
  2. It didn’t really have any staying power, however they don’t advertise that it does so I guess I can’t really fault them for that. I was able to take all of it off with just a tissue.
  3. It highlighted every crack and crevice in my lips/made them look a little thirsty, but then again I feel this way about basically all matte lip colors.
  4. It was a little orangey/pink for my skintone.

On the plus side, I will say this felt very velvety on the lips and went on smooth/even.

The Brush:
Really loved this. Soft yet firm bristles, does exactly what it’s meant to do.

The Hair Mask:
This one was a wild ride and to preface this my hair is very fine, but I have a lot of it and it has been balayaged/baby lights in it.

  1. Smell: It’s a little bit chemical, so not my favorite scent, but it’s also not super strong so I’m not bothered by it.
  2. Consistency: A lot thinner than anticipated. I typically like a really thick hair mask. I had to use the whole bottle to get it to cover my medium length hair.
  3. Mid-Use Impression: Hair didn’t feel any different by the time the 5 minutes was up, whereas a lot of masks will leave the hair with a silky feeling and make hair easier to detangle. My hair was still super tangled, and couldn’t even run my fingers through it, so I started to get a little nervous that I wasn’t going to like it.
  4. Hair Brushing: I tried to use my wet brush to detangle and while it wasn’t terrible it just wasn’t as easy as usual. I didn’t want any breakage so I did add a couple spritz of my Hask Argan Oil Repairing 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray. After that my hair was easy to brush through.
  5. Final Air-dried Hair: To be honest I am pleasantly surprised. My hair has zero frizz and feels softer than usual. It didn’t leave any kind of filmy feeling and it’s not weighed down either. I’m going to say that this is actually a great product despite what it may feel like when you’re using it!

The Eyeshadow:
LOVED THIS. Probably my favorite item in the whole bag. These shadows were well pigmented/blendable and had very minimal fall out when applied. These shimmer shades are wonderful and I can’t wait to use them more in the summertime when I have a nice tan.

From left to right: baked highlighter, eyeshadow quad, incognito lipstick.

The Highlighter:
I enjoyed this, but I definitely need to be a little more tan before I can use it as it’s a little bit gold. Right now I’m coming out of a New York winter so I’m pretty fair skinned and it just doesn’t gel.


Overall I was really impressed with what I received and I’m excited to get next month’s bag! I’m hoping the next round I see some perfumes or nail polishes.

Until then feel free to let me know if you have any other questions about these prodcuts/Ipsy in the comments!

Product Links:
Bellapierre Lipstick
Luxie Shader Brush
Verb Ghost Hair Mask
Oryza Eyeshadow
Estate Baked Highlighter

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