Preparing For The New Year

With 2020 came a year full of challenges and hard times, and now that we have made it past Christmas with only a few days until the New Year I’m ready to commit to some new/refurbished goals for 2021!

Health Goals:
Goal Weight: 160lbs
Stop Dairy Consumption
I plan to achieve this through regular exercise, maintaining a consistently healthy diet (come to terms with my lactose intolerance FINALLY) and increasing my non-exercise activity time. I have become very sedentary this year and I can both see it and MAJORLY feel it. Now that I’m 30 and have also not been exercising as much, I can feel it in my joints and my back and I want to change that.

Financial Goal:
$XX in a High Yield Savings by EOY
Increase $$ Going Into Retirement Account by X%
Don’t want to share specific amounts here, but did want to make them known for others who may not know what things you can shoot for. These can be fairly easily achieved if I just follow my monthly budget. One thing I really want to be better about is not emotional spending this year!

Personal Goal:
Post to Bookstagram 5x a Week
This shouldn’t be too hard. I love to read and usually consume a couple of books a week and love to talk about them/share fun fan edits that I make! If that interests you, you can find me @thedogearedpaige over on Instagram 🙂

I currently have all of these goals up on a whiteboard in my office and have actually already started a few! I’ll be keeping track each week and following up on progress as well as sharing some helpful info for anyone who may have similar goals!

What are some goals you are setting for 2021?

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